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Mindfulness with horses


Mon 29.7. – Su 4.8. 2024

I organize this special camp with the help of my friend Mikol from Milan. She enjoyed our last summer camp for mother and daughter so much that we would like to offer a taste of horse spirit connection for more foreigners. I like the warm heart of Italien people and I would like to show them different aproach to horses and also to ourselves. Everything will be in English.


  • Each day will have  2-3 hour of different activites before lunch and the simillar amount of time after lunch.
  • Breakfast – 8:00 Lunch – 12:30 Dinner – 19:00
  • In the evening we like to practice yoga, acro yoga, different types of massage, singing by the fire,  barbecue, and whatewer can each participant bring for others.

1. Day – arrive, accomodation and introduction

  • Safety with horses and other animales
  • Trainig proprioception and breath with people.
  • Learning how horses use breathing to calming each other.
  • Bonding connection

2. Day – Body perception – vibrations

  • Muziko-therapy – bowls + drumming + gong
  • Massage– hearth to heart connection.
  • Sitting with horses (everybody play some instrument)
  • Trainig proprioception with horses.

3. Day  Safe place – my border  

  • Finding our safety – outside and inside the body (Somatic exercise).
  • Making our safe nest on the pasture – mindfulness exercise – breath.
  • Moving quietly through the herd without disturbing the horses.
  • Grooming a horse to create comfort and connection.

4. Day  Exchanging greetings and communicating your intentions.

  • Grooming – massage  and painting on the horse.
  • Leading a horse.
  • Riding a favorite horse- (for kids).

5. Day Releasing stress- exercise with breath and movement

  • Somatic movement exercise – lying down deep relaxation.
  • Trust exercise and bonding with the horse.

6. Day  Visiting the historical and university city – Olomouc.

By bus at 10 am,  coming back in the evening (bus is going every two hours).

Price : 600,- Euros per person ( kids 500,- E )

Includes: food for all days + accomodation in our camping tents (you need to bring just your sleeping bags).

We have a 2 sun heated outside showers and 3 dry outside toilets.

More options for accomodation:

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Rezervacion for two - Summer camp 2024

This camp aims to help us deepen our embodied presence and encourag our personal
psychobiological exploration. It is a great opportunity to discover our body in new ways. You
will explore how to connect with your awareness, how to apply attuned self-touch as a
tool for self-regulation, and develop body-mind dialogues to enhance our internal
connection with self.

I like to use a polyvagal-informed psychobiological approach for body-mind integration.
My approach is based on somatic psychology, neuroscience, and bodywork that cannot be reached by verbal means alone.

 We will also try bonding with a horse.

Bonding is  the formation of a close relationship as between a mother and child or between a person and an animal.

You may be familiar with this concept of forming relationship.